arigatou~kore kara mo arigatou~♪

嵐 rocks my world!!

I will be on hiatus
 Well, even I'm not on hiatus, I'm totally looked like one XDD
But since I join many communities, I should at least announce this, just in case they suddenly want to make cleaning of members and thinking that I have dead then eliminated me D: haha

My hiatus will start next week till Sept, I guess. Announce it early since I'm super lazy and that I have time now.
Before I go, I want to post this super duper cute and lovely picture of my OTP, of course :PP

(credit on the pic)

This totally made me went, "Gyaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!" Those were exactly same!!! The colors and the patterns are totally same!!! How on earth it could be?? Seriously these two! and look, Nino's heartbeat, it went faster lol XDDD
Doki doki, Nino?? :PPP

and lastly, I hope that Aiba-chan will and must get well soon and take the time to rest. I might be hiatus here but I will try to steal time to peek through the news :)
Dedicated Nino's song to Aiba-chan XDDD

The last line of Doko ni Demo Aru Uta

It's alright, we will always be here
So try confessing everything
Come on, you should stand tall and say it
"That is us"

Always forever and ever

(Translation credit: yarukizero@LJ)

Yep Aiba-chan, Arashi and us, fans will always be here, so Hang up there! :))

On the other side note: I feel like Nino's song is totally dedicated to Aiba-chan haha super biased here. Especially the crybaby part, though there were Jun and Ohno too but Aiba is more common to crybaby's nickname :P (and actually not only this solo song but all of Nino's solo songs that he composed himself haha)

P/S: I can't wait to watch Music Station though it's kind of sad that Aiba won't be there :(
Ma, ii yo:) Get well soon Aiba-chan :D

EH?!! Don't tell me.....
Himitsu no Arashichan 17 March 2011

Just noticed something when watching the preview.

I feel something suspicious about this picture:

what make me so suspicious is that....Collapse )

Why so hot??
From TSD 05 March 2011

I love his face when he is concentrated XDD

click here to see 4 more + wink bonus =PCollapse )

Oh, kawaii ^___^

Gotta love his expression :DD
Oh, why so cute~?? XP
His "amai no? shoppai no?" made me remember A no Arashi, "amai no? karai no?" hihi natsukashii~
Next week he seems hyper :) Hisashiburi na to see him hyper
From Arashi ni Shiyagare 05.03.2011

Jun, what does THIS mean???
From Duet 09/2006
Jun-tan, I can't believe this XDCollapse )

Aimiya <333
Oh my~! I'm totally in cloud 9 right now XDDD

Because...because Aiba is going to appear in Nino's drama!!! and not only that at very very last, Nino finally will appear in Shimura Zoo!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDD

Really really hope that Nino will appear in the studio with Aiba or do some shooting location with Aiba.

(Lucky by that time I have finished from my hectic exam :DDD)

Sho SHOCKS me!
I was searching for Aimiya fanvid when suddenly I found this :

Omg, this is hilarious! I wonder which one is the first, mago mago or the concert?? But I bet mago mago is first then the concert... They really went together LMAO

101021 VS嵐
Yay!! It's pretty much interesting though I don't really understand what they are saying but we don't need that to laugh right? XDD
Firstly, it's surprising me how Jun at the beginning go rolling around lol Looks like he is excited he he and as usual the other members follow.
Oh yea, I like that Maru is there too. I don't know he is acting with Nino ^^; That's mean he has acted with both Ohmiya ^^;<---(What's with this smiley? he he because I don't favor Ohmiya ;P)

The first game, I still don't know the name because I don't pay attention when the title's showing and when I finish watching the first part, I remember I want to read the title and as just I want to replay, I already click the close button -.-" That's so lame of me. This kind of thing always happen to me. Hmm... nothing much happen at the 1st game except that Jun is screwed up with the game and worried that he might be the MDA of the day.

Then the 2nd game. The part that I have waiting for ages lol AIMIYA!! XDD The whole part is funny. Nino says about he and Aiba go home and ride the train together. And asks what number that Aiba likes (something like that? I'm not sure.)? And Aiba answers since his birthday is 24.12 so he likes 1,2,2...(I don't know what's he saying after that) Lazy to write everything ^^; But somehow, I think I have heard that story of Nino and Aiba's in the train. I don't know.
Also like the interaction between Ohno and Maru. How I wish I understand the conversations -.- It seems funny.

3rd game pinball runner. Nino! How dare you, when you're playing for the other team you are superb amazing! ha ha Or maybe because the instructions from the team are good so he can do it very well :)

4th game. Giant crush. I can expect whose team will crush the giant though and turn out I'm correct. And there's some cute tiny moment of Aimiya :DD

5th game. What's the title again? Hound bockey??? This is the result after long time no VS Arashi ha ha
Freeter team is leading from the first game and I can guess who will win though. It seems that whenever one of Arashi member in the other team, that team must win. Like how AIba and Jun.

And finally Most Dame Arashi (MDA) Cute Nino looking happy :)) But the other members are obviously not :DD
They all one by one say "I'm the one who  should fall" ha ha. Whenever it will be Jun, they must say something like that lol But I keep screaming, said "Hey, why don't you guys just point to Nino already?? It must be hilarious!! Seriously, please do it" XDDD But turn out, Aiba gives the brilliant idea XDDD Suggesting that how about they all fall together. Nino clasps his hand, saying "amazing! Arashi is amazing!" Aiba replies "It's not amazing. You too will fall down." "Eh?" ha ha cute Nino. Seriously, Nino despite being "eh", he end up pointing to himself and still asking "Maji ka yo?" lmao Aiba looks terrified when they are about to fall while Nino is smiling and the others, I'm not sure, expressionless? ha ha And I can recognise correctly that "ahh" is from AIba and "hi hi hi" is from Nino when they are falling lol
In the end they all looks happy :))) But Aiba goes out, saying "my shoes, my shoes" ^___^

And that's the end :DD

(It's been a long time since I post something. I thought to post some screens caps but too lazy ^^;)

ひみつの嵐ちゃん July 22 - What? Aiba wink dekinai??
I love the latest ep of HnA. Perfume as guest!

At the beginning, the guest impression on Arashi.
One by one has good impression and I'm waiting for Aiba patiently and somehow I feel that impression on Aiba will be bad again and I kind piss off when Aiba is the last one. Then, as expected while everyone gets good impressions, Aiba is the only one who slack off. I don't know what is it but maybe it is related to "Aiba's length" pants again.

Then again Perfume makes their trademark as well as Arashi. They seem like they didn't remember that they had once done that in VS Arashi. I love the one in VS Arashi more because they all used their first name but this time it is "Sho-chan, Jun, Nino-chan, Ma-kun, Riida"

What's more?? Hmm..Ahh, An-chan asked who is the most power(??) -->(I'm not quite sure) then Nino said, to him, Aiba is strong (I just said from what I understand). Cute tiny moment Aimiya ^___^
Then Aiba said Sho is strong too.

Then Aiba got the chance to ask Perfume and as expected from Aiba, he asked "What types of man do you like?" lol
I forgot the short hair girl's name said she likes a man who does wink and flying kiss so as usual Arashi had to do that and then Aiba declared that "wink dekinai!!"
Hahahaha....I just know that Aiba can't do a wink!! lol
But he is cute when he tried to do it XDD
And omg Ohno!! He's so damn cute when he embarrassed >////<

Next, they had to wear glasses and headphone because Kashiyuka loves a man like that. I love a man who wears a headphone around their neck too. It looks cool. But I don't like V-neck T-shirt.

After that, this is what I had waited since I saw the preview "Arashi dance collaboration with Perfume"!!
I love that choreographer! It's cool and the song is catchy too. And again Aiba had problem with the steps lol But he did very well in the end ^^

Now the time for Perfume to choose Arashi members.
I thought they all would choose Ohno since they all said about good things of Ohno but then An-chan chose Nino, the short hair girl chose Ohno and Kashiyuka chose Aiba! Yay!! haha!! I'm so biased :D

When I know that Kashiyuka from Perfume loves manga and esp One Piece I started to like her and then she chose Aiba which made me to like her more XP and also her birthday almost same with Aiba.

Can't wait for the next episode. Guest is the girl who co-starred with Nino in Yamada Taro Monogatari. Looks fun. Well the preview always looks fun.
That's all ^^

AiMiya - VS嵐 8th July 2010
It's kind of late but I don't have time so only now I can post it ^^;

look at Aimiya's clothes carefully and remember

see the arrow? First stage of course they didn't change yet.

Second stage, they started changing their shorts!!

finally, at the third stage they changed completely lol
I wonder why they changed their clothes??

Maybe because Nino didn't feel comfortable with his jacket??
haha...whatever is it, they're so cute XDD


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